Cheyenne Enterprises is an American television and film production company, based in Santa Monica, California. It stars Kida Khodr Ramadan as Ali "Toni“ Hamady, the leader of a Lebanese crime family and drug cartel in Berlin - Neukölln . There is a worthy message here trying to make itself heard, thru the voice of Eddie Bunker, that Pollyanna of a crook. The film was directed by Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon). An aging alcoholic cop is assigned the task of escorting a witness from police custody to a courthouse 16 blocks away. Het script lijkt uit een stoffige lade gehaald te zijn en ook qua uitvoering zou 16 blocks zomaar uit die tijd kunnen zijn. An aging cop is assigned the ordinary task of escorting a fast-talking witness from police custody to a courthouse. There are however forces at work trying to stop prevent them from making it.

16 Blocks (br: 16 Quadras) é um filme de suspense policial estadunidense de 2006 dirigido por Richard Donner, e estrelado por Bruce Willis, Mos Def e David Morse.Estreou no Brasil dia 21 de abril de 2006, em Portugal a 16 de novembro de 2006 e sua classificação etária foi de 16 anos.

16 Blocks is a well-meaning movie that is introspective and thoughtful, yet strives to give the fans their money's worth with its done-by-the-numbers shoot-em-up violence.

Acteurs : Pétain Valéry, Fatemah Cotuand, ... Kelso Entertainment et Centraline Références : 16 Blocks, IMDB Genres : Vérité, Art Oratoire, Surnaturel Photographie : Juels Aarvi Budget de production : … With Bruce Willis, Yasiin Bey, David Morse, Jenna Stern. 4 Blocks is a German drama series. 16 Blocks movie YIFY subtitles.

An aging cop is assigned the ordinary task of escorting a fast-talking witness from police custody to a courthouse, but they find themselves running the gauntlet as …

O filme se desenrola no método de narração em tempo real Lethal Weapon regisseur meets Die Hard acteur... ik dacht wel dat het naar 80s zou ruiken. 16 Blocks is the kind of movie you can really only watch once and even at that you'll be correctly guessing what happens next as it goes through loads of familiar developments with a lot of unsubtle foreshadowing. He is forced to postpone his plans to leave the business to live an ordinary life with his wife, played by Maryam Zaree , when his brother-in-law, played by Massiv , is arrested. 16 Blocks is a 2006 thriller starring Bruce Willis as a burnt-out NYPD Detective who is assigned to transport a reluctant witness from his precinct 16 blocks to the New York State Supreme Court Building.He soon discovers there are forces who want to see the witness eliminated and may be tied to the police department. 16-Blocks-screen-video.mp4: Regarder 16 Blocks Film Entier Vostfr 2006.

I'm surprised that Richard Donner managed to make a film so tepid.

It is privately owned by Bruce Willis and Arnold Rifkin.. For the most part, the company has produced or co-produced projects that star Bruce Willis. There are, however, chaotic forces at work that prevent them from making it in one piece. Directed by Richard Donner. Hersenloze fun, met een alcoholische flik, een praatgrage getuige die voor het gerecht moet verschijnen en een groep corrupte flikken die alles doen om dat te voorkomen.

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