Yom Tov Events 2017

Chag or event Residence and Lifestyle Manager Name Proposed date Where Time Confirmed Y/N Entertainer
Shalshelet Regis /Chris Wednesday16 August 2pm Y Buses (need to be confirmed ) Year 1KS
Pre Rosh Hashana 17 Regis /Chris Sunday 10th Sept 2.30pm Y Yoni Reider
Pre Rosh Hashana 17 Harmond Care /Joanne Monday 11th Sept 2pm Y Yoni Reider
Pre Rosh Hashana 17 Saphire-Sheridan/Jacqui -Rose Thursday 14th Sept The Glens (HammondCare Building 16) Green lounge 1.30pm Y Yoni Reider
Sukkot Party 17 Regis /Chris Sunday 8th Oct 12pm sent email David Rothberg
Sukkot Party 17 Saphire-Sheridan/Jacqui -Rose Tuesday 10th Oct sent email
Shalshelet Wendy/Lisa Thursday 24th August 6-7pm Y Bar Mitzvah GE