Our volunteering program is a one-on-one ongoing experience. We pair a volunteer and senior (grandfriendd) with a common interest, which allows for a connection and friendship to be formed. It’s so reassuring and comforting for our Seniors to receive a weekly/fortnightly visit (or phone call) from our Adult Volunteers. Both, volunteers, and seniors benefit from this relationship.


This program is for students from year levels 7-10. A fun and crafty program is planned and the students together with a senior pair up to work on it together. Studies have proven that interaction with young children has a significant and positive impact on seniors. Engaging in or even witnessing activities including dancing and art while in the company of children, can be valuable in the battle against mental and physical decline.


Directed at youths 12-18 years-of-age, this Club includes fortnightly activity and chat sessions, a Pen Pal Program, Jewish High Holiday and Festivals performances and celebrations and a Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program.


Bar and Bat Mitzvah age students assist with creating packages and postcards for the seniors. Additionally, students participate in a session with the seniors. This program allows the students to engage with the seniors and learn what becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah means to the seniors, as well as sharing what it means to them. The students gain the opportunity to hear from the seniors about their Bar/Bat Mitzvah experiences, meaningful messages, wisdom and advice.


Each Shabbat Hug project entails young volunteers preparing 200+ packages for seniors across 12 different facilities. These volunteers vary from youth movements, school groups and young adults that are part of Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs. They create packages that include handmade postcards, chocolate, challah, and grape juice. The seniors express their appreciation and gratitude upon receiving these packages. If this interests you, please get in touch via our volunteer page and tick the calibration option.